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A soft grappa from fresh pomace

Distilled with traditional methods. Cutting head and the tail is done manually by the master distiller

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The names of our wines are drawn form the dialect of the Val di Chiana to ensure that our products are true to our traditions. A “vampa” is a wave of heat given off by fire. This single-variety grappa is made from the distillation of fresh Aleatico grape skins. This grappa is distilled using the traditional method in small steam-heated, non-continuous pot stills. The cutting between head and body is done manually by a master distiller. This is a well-balanced grappa with scents of prune and rose. A soft and warm grappa with a clean, dry feel to the mouth.

Scheda Tecnica

Aging In bottle
Grapes Aleatico

Transparent and crystalline


Favor of jam, dried fruit, and plum


Soft but not sweet

Alcool content 42%
Distilled by Nannoni s.a.s, Fattoria Aratrice, Paganico-Toscana