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A balanced grappa, hot and firm


Named after a “caluvvia”, a spark of fire flying from burning wood in the Val di Chiana dialect, this grappa is made from the distillation of fresh red wine skins. This grappa is distilled using the traditional method in small steam-heated, non-continuous pot stills. The cutting between head and body is done manually by a master distiller. Caluvia is a well-balanced grappa with a sweet scent of fresh grape skin. An intense, warm grappa with a clean, dry mouthfeel.


Aging In botle
Grapes Sangiovese, Merlot e Syrah

Transparent and crystalline

Aroma Floral hints and lightly herbal

Well-balanced and soft

Alcool content 42%
Distilled by Nannoni s.a.s, Fattoria Aratrice, Paganico-Toscana