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A fruity passito with a full taste


Aló, in our popular dialect, is an incitement to move, to act. We gave this name to the passito produced for the first time in 2011, a sign of our desire to never stop.

Alò is a precious wine obtained from Aleatico grapes dried in the sun in the vineyard. After a natural fermentation, the wine is left to mature in small wooden barrels. The production of this passito from late harvest is limited to 500 bottles per year.

Rich wine with a very wide aromatic profile, from the fruitiness of the dry plum to the floral of the rose up to the spicy of the cinnamon, it is ruby red in color. Thanks to its juicy and full taste, it is perfect alone or with chocolate. Excellent pairing with aged cheeses.

Scheda Tecnica

Aging 6 months in small wooden barrels and 6 months in bottle
Uve Aleatico
Color Ruby Red
Aroma very wide, from dried plum to rose
Taste Juicy and full
Pairings Ideal wine with chocolate and aged cheeses
Service temperature 12°C